Updated Supply Return

Due to the weather, ALL elementary students will return and pick up their supplies on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 from 4-7 pm.  Preschool and Pre-K students will pick up items in CELC circle drive (around the back).  Kindergarten and first grade students will pick up items from teachers in the CES circle drive.  At Field, 2nd grade students will pick up items along Tenth St. and 3rd grade students will pick up on JFK Ave.  For upper elementary, 4th graders will pick up supplies on Dickinson St. and 5th graders will collect their items on Polk St. 

Please return your child's library books and any other classroom materials that were sent home in March.  We ask that families stay in their vehicles and do not park and walk up to collect or return items.  Supplies that were left in classrooms will be returned at this time as well.